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Sexual Health London

Lockdown has made people horny, they're now getting ready to make up for the lost time. As London has the highest rates of STDs in the UK, we knew we had a responsibility to our genitals.

Coronavirus offers London a unique opportunity to start fresh. Sexual Health London ( provides free at-home STD testing kits. We want people to test and treat themselves before they release their bodies on the masses. Currently, 2 out of every 3 Londoners have never checked for STDs.

79 phone calls, 4 hours and 32 minutes of being left on hold, 54 voicemails, 117 emails, 42 Facebook messages, and 96 Instagram DMs saw organizations and influencers sharing our post with their followers urging them to order free STD tests using the SHL affiliated link straight off these stories.

SHL noted an increase in the number of test orders since the release of the campaign.

Over 20,000 organic
social media impressions.

Publications in Ads of the worlds, The brand identity, Mindsparkle magazine, and Badass Gal.

Supported by NHS, SHL, City of London, London Pride, Airoutdoor, Promo group, JCDecaux, Helloprint, Mum & Dad (x2).

Brief commissioned by City Of London for a follow-up campaign.

All from zero budget. We need your help, 50 posters still need to be homed.

Cards Against Cancer

Boobs, vaginas, balls and bums.

We all love them. Unfortunately, cancer does too.

We wanted our fun bits to fight back against Cancer this Valentine's day, so we created cards Against Cancer.

All proceeds of the sales went to Ovarian Cancer Action, Movember, Breast Cancer Now and Prostate Cancer UK.


With Bumble girls have to make the first move. No more crazy mind games or ancient unwritten rules. In our social videos, you can see how they confidently control their charmingly chaotic love life. Based on real experiences, ours.

Burger King


Gen-Z has got that entrepreneurial drive, we've got to deliver. So we've made Burger King the first fast food that's shoppable on Instagram. They can make cash/dollars/the green stuff by posting their Whoppers online. Best served hot.

Bread Bin Brewing


Bread is the most wasted food product in the UK. Let's repurpose bread waste into something entirely new and consumable. A beer made from the general public's expired bread.



In the V&A nearly 70% of the statues are missing body parts. They're admired and held in great regard, now it's your turn.

We will put stickers on the statues that have kindly donated their organs.

Well, we did it already...

We'll have wifi hotspots which are only accessible if you donate your organs. The more organs you donate, the quicker the wifi.


Tilda is obsessive about its product. So much so that they inspect each grain to ensure none are broken.

In a one-kilo bag of Tilda there are 50,000 grains of rice. Each will be presented through the pages of the Evening Standard.

Each of the 50,000 grains will be auctioned with individual authentication certificates. All money raised will go to charities that Tilda works alongside.

The public can vote on an online shortlist, choosing which life-size grain they want to be featured on Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth.


People don't read anymore.

People who have library cards abandoned in their wallets or lodged behind their drawer get a discount off their Audible books- see they're worth keeping.

We'll hang audible blood bags of our beloved storybook characters on the handle rails of public transport. Pop your headphones into the audio jack and listen to keep them alive.

Open graves of these characters will be set up in public areas, showing that Audible has given stories a second life.


Kids go crazy for sugar, but they go even crazier if they eat too much of it. If you don't want to spend the whole night trying to get them to sleep, missing Love is blind, give them Bear the 100% natural sweet.

We will include cute temporary tattoos which, thanks to new technology, detects blood sugar through the skin. If it's too high the colourful design changes to boring black. No one wants that, right?

Come into Waitrose with your kid and show us the Bear tattoo, if it's still colourful you can use them as a coupon to get 15% off!

We also created the QuickCheck Mini, a smaller nutritional version of Waitrose's handheld price checker. Allow your kid to have fun learning about healthy eating. Scan it over a high-sugar food and it roars, scan it over low sugar and it smacks its lips.